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Lakeview Elementary School

"Let Excellence Soar"

Lakeview Elementary is a Kindergarten to Grade Four Community School that has approximately 380 students enrolled. There are currently 23 teachers employed as well as 11 support staff. The resources include a Library, Computer Labs, Resource Room, and a full size Gymnasium. At Lakeview there is a Structured Success Program that is in place to to assist students-at-risk. In this extensively renovated school there is a Teacher Librarian and full time Librarian Technician. Lakeview Elementary is a proud member of SchoolNet Network of Innovative Schools and the League of Peaceful Schools.

The students at Lakeview continue to always "Let Excellence Soar".

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Mission Statement

At Lakeview Elementary School, our Mission is to provide an environment of mutual respect and trust that will enable children to become responsible, caring, life-long learners.

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Our Vision for this Mission is that as a dedicated staff, we will

bulletPromote the joy and challenge of learning.
bulletNurture a safe and caring environment.
bulletEnhance self-esteem.
bulletPromote awareness of our cultural diversity.
bulletProvide diverse activities in order that every child can experience success.
bulletModel and promote high moral and behavioral standards.
bulletTeach that every action has a consequence.
bulletFoster communication with our partners in learning.

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Contact Information:

Lakeview Elementary School
304 8th Avenue West
Meadow Lake, SK, S9X 1G9
Phone: (306) 236-5810
Fax: (306) 236-3050

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Click Here to access Lakeview's Hompage
Craig, Terry Principal Ludwig, Marilyn Vice-Principal
Anderson, Gene   Stephenson, Cheryl  
Bowerman, Dawn Striga, Susan
Donovan, Patti-Jo Suttill, Pat
Farmer, Bev Vanthuyne, Amy
Feucht, Lois Witt, Barbara
Fisher, Beryl    
Fishley, Kearstin Support Staff
Gervais,Pat   Gervais, Pat Community School Coordinator
Gunderson, Kaare   Fiddler-Crighton, Lena CS Coordinator
Hrysak, Susan Babin, Corinne Student Assistant
Kirilenko, Darla   Breadner, Colleen Library Technician
Koch, Deneen Chaillee, Donna Structured Success
Letkeman, Brian   Jeeves, Kelsey Secretary
Maier, Shawna Lavallee, Augustine Children Services Provider 
Palenchuk, Cheryl Scherr, Renee Student Assistant Trainee
Paylor, Dawn Sergent, Lorraine Student Assistant
Smith, Sandra Sten, Debbie Student Assistant