And Names Will Never Hurt Me

The staff and students at Lakeview Elementary School have spent a year and a half learning and practicing anti-bullying strategies.  LES has become a proud member of the League of  Peaceful Schools because of our efforts.

NOTE:  The examples of student work takes time to load, but it is worth your wait.

Alternate Education – Dawn Paylor:  The teacher will include the information, lesson plans and activities she has completed in the past.  Student examples of projects will be included and posted on the web.

4E – Leanne Germann:  The students will take digital pictures of students doing peaceful activities in each classroom.  The students will also go on the playground at noon and recess and videotape students doing peaceful activities.  The video will be converted into digital format to be edited with the digital pictures.  The students will create a 3-5 minute video.  The video will be shown at an assembly with all the Grade 4’s singing, Let Their Be Peace On Earth.

4D – Debbie Todd:  The students will learn poems about bullying and peaceful alternatives.  The students will write a poem based upon their feelings about bullying.  The poetry will be posted to the web.

5a – Margo Buchko and Audrey McLeod – Students will create a Power Point presentation using the pictures from the the League of Peaceful Schools induction ceremony.  The presentation will be shown at an assembly so that students remember that we are a “peaceful” community.

5c – John Lawson – Students will take digital pictures of the students at Lakeview Elementary School doing peaceful activities around the school.  The students will transfer the pictures from the camera to a file and make sure they are saved in jpeg format.

3c – Susan Striga – Students will create a digital collage illustrating students doing peaceful activities using Picture It! software.  The students will use the jpeg’s that the Grade 5 students’ took.  The collage will be published to the web site.

5b – Pam Weckman – The students will create a survey about bullying.  They will chart and graph the results.  The students will write a one paragraph about the conclusions reached by the survey.  The information will be posted to the web.

5D – Rachelle Hayes – Students will write essays about how they view Lakeview Elementary School.

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Shared Learning With Caring

Welcome to the Meadow Lake School Division No 66. This division consists of eleven schools in Meadow Lake and surrounding communities. There are more than 2600 students in this school division and of these about 70% attend school in the Town of Meadow Lake. Schools that are in Meadow Lake are: Carpenter High School, Jonas Samson Junior High, Gateway Elementary, Jubilee Elementary, Lakeview Elementary and Storefront Schools. The rural schools include: Dorintosh School located in Dorintosh, Ernie Studer School located in Loon Lake, Goodsoil School located in Goodsoil, Green Acre School located in Rapid View, and Pierceland School located in Pierceland.

The Meadow Lake School Division encourages the development of extra-curricular activities including: basketball, soccer, volleyball, track environmental club, Youth Business Institute (YBI), drama, band, badminton, yearbook, curling, and outdoor education. Success is ensured from the cooperation and involvement of teachers, administrators, and students.

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